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Gold Nuggets

Each week, here will rest a few nuggets from the Revisionistas work-in-progress.

texas-county-map“Sulphur Springs, Texas was two counties south of Oklahoma by the Lone Star’s Arkansas shoulder.   If Texas were the stove and Oklahoma the griddle, Sulphur Springs would be the front burner.  Even though it was Hopkins County’s seat, the Springs wasn’t the first, or the most memorable stop I-30 travelers’ made—but it was the very last stop that the Orphan Trains of the 1920s made.”  –from Bad Men Among Whites, a novel by Mark Radoff

1970 Beauty Shop

1970 Beauty Shop

“The talk at Dorothy’s Beauty Cove these days centered around Sylvia Oppenheim, a good looking woman who carried a sensual air about her despite being the mother of five.  She was having an affair, an honest to God, passionate, too-bad-if-the-town-knows, affair, at least that’s what the coffee talk among the mothers reported.” –excerpt from a novel by Therese Rossi


“Vivy’s mind reached back to her childhood setting off a mental montage:  Their little hands grasped each other’s in the preschool play yard, Tash pulling her in one direction and then the other…their grins exposing gaps for missing teeth.”  –from The Egg Diary, a novel by Jill Dyan Martin

Unknown-1“The door opened with an electronic click and Ann was grabbed by a firm hold and yanked inside…thrown back on an unmade bed.  She bounced slightly with the force of the throw, her purse jostled but stayed on her arm.  Her hair swirled around her head, covering her face.  Rule #1 when spying: Wear a Scrunchie.”  –excerpted from a novel by Dalia Astalos

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