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Chinese New Year Excerpts

This week’s Revisionistas’ excerpts for your entertainment:

1948-49-hudson-commodore-eightAfter switching license plates, Dalores settled in behind the steering wheel sitting on Volumes Three, Twelve, Seventeen and Twenty of the Book of Knowledge Children’s Encyclopedia. She turned the key in the ignition only once, and the Hudson Commodore started right up, its engine giving off a powerful steady hum.  “We got us a fine car,” she said.

~excerpt from Gibbous Moon, a novel-in-progress by Tudy Woolfe.

images-1“Let me help you with that, sir,” said the valet, then took the suitcase from Debussy and gestured toward the stairs.  Erik and the doorman wrestled the steamer trunk up four flights.  They passed into an entry hall with burled maple wainscoting and a crystal chandelier, crossed a parlor with thick Persian carpets, and deposited the trunk beside the armoire in a bedroom.  An ornate brass bed with a blue velvet coverlet stood against one wall, flanked by marble-top chests and damask drapes.

~an excerpt from 38 Umbrellas, a novel-in-progess about Erik Satie by Michelle Fogle.


Harold had spent the past five days hunkered down in his office waiting for law enforcement agents—the police department, the FBI, perhaps the National Center for Disease Control—to kick in his door, train a gun to his head and bellow, “Freeze, you’re under arrest!”  The guilt and worry was unbearable.  He wondered how serial murderers, embezzlers and bank robbers maintained composure.  Being a sociopath probably helped and Harold chided himself for lacking yet another useful personality trait.

~an excerpt from The San Joaquin Suicide Prevention Hotline, a novel-in-progress by James J. Albert

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