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Hippies, Little Debbie & Bratwurst

Holy Man Jam, Boulder, CO  Aug. 1970“When someone pointed her out to him the first day of school, he knew he had seen her in the summer workshops, the encounter groups, the team building, the intercultural communication training. She would have been hard to miss—all that blond hair and magnetic smile.  Face full of emotion—enthusiasm, warmth, sudden shyness.  Typical hippie, he thought.  Just another young white recruit doing their liberal turn in the black community.”  ~an excerpt from The Level and the Square, a novel-in-progress by Ruth Roberts

Unknown-1Lucy took the two coins from Ben and said, “She needs it more than you do.  Then put her hand on Tilda’s shoulder and asked, “What would you like, honey?”

Tilda had already decided what she would buy if she had the money, but that wasn’t as important as what Lucy had just done. In the three years since she’d left South Dakota during the Wounded Knee shootout at her mother’s work, Lucy was the first person to ask Tilda what she wanted, even for something as little as a pastry.

“Could I get the Little Debbie cakes?”  ~an excerpt from Bad Men Among Whites, a novel-in-progress by Mark Radoff


In the fall of 2013, I joined a fitness challenge at a local gym.  Of course, the challenge started with the much-dreaded right of fitness passage—the weigh in. To say I was out of shape would a colossal understatement.  Still, as I boarded the scale, a human bratwurst encased in black spandex, I was not prepared for the numbers that appeared in the digital display. Holy cheese and crackers! This was a number I had never seen before.  ~an excerpt from an essay-in-progress by Donna Marganella

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