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High-Fives, One-Night Stands & L’eggs Panty Hose

~Excerpt from The Level and The Square, a novel-in-progress by Ruth Roberts:

images-3She looked for his large ‘fro, like a dark thundercloud over his head, taller by half a foot than anyone else, pacing methodically with a certain magnetic menace through the crowded halls. Everything and everybody else moved helter-skelter around him. Everyone wanted a word with him, a touch on the shoulder, best of all a smile and a hi-five, his flat palm massive against a kid’s hand. The hi-five had recently arrived in the cool black community. Older black teachers, the establishment, didn’t give them.


~Excerpt from The Difficulty of Ending, a novel-in-progress by Donna Marganella:

images-2Nearly through my second pass of the room, I caught sight of a man on the other side of the dance floor. He was staring at me. I stared back hard, head tipped down in what I hoped was a less-than-friendly, do-I-know-you expression. My face dared him to look away. He didn’t.

images-1He looked vaguely familiar, but I couldn’t place him. A client? No, I would remember him then. I hoped, fervently, that it was not someone I once slept with. Could this night be that much of a nightmare? My married ex-lover, Charlie, and his wife, and a one-night-stand I couldn’t even remember all in one place? I shook my head at the thought.


~Excerpt from “Shopping with the Alberts” an essay-in-progress by James Albert:



K-Mart grocery store — John and Jane knock over a six-foot display of “L’eggs” panty hose, sending thousands of ostrich sized eggs (filled with panty hose of all things) rolling down the canned goods and prepared foods aisle. Mom disavows any connection with the children and exits the store before security arrives;


PennysFood Giant grocery store — James is thrown out of store after removing “99% lean” and “three legged fryer” labels off meat packages and affixing them onto the rear ends of several unsuspecting 250lb women, roaming the aisles;


e2fc166806b6d3b2439a0880503aaf1fGoldwater’s Department Store — El Con Mall — James causes a glass display case containing ladies perfume to collapse and fall over after running directly into it while making a sharp left turn. Judy and Father disavow any connection with James and leave the store before security arrives. (I smelled like a middle-aged lady for two days. You thought being a gay kid was difficult, try being gay and stinking of Jean Nate citrus bouquet and see how popular you are with the kids in the neighborhood).




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