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Writers Conference Workshops

Most writers have heard the harrowing tales of MFA workshop: Tales of professors lighting manuscripts on fire, calling the writing worthy of Danielle Steele, or worse using words like “hate” … Continue reading

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What Are Group Dynamics?

dy·nam·ic [dahy-nam-ik] adjective Also, dy·nam·i·cal. 1.pertaining to or characterized by energy or effective action; vigorously active or forceful; energetic: the dynamic president of the firm. 2.Physics. a.of or pertaining to … Continue reading

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Revelations and Reveals

It was beginning to feel like they were really a team, with Erik bringing his own ideas and talent to the equation. Vincent trusted and seemed to really appreciate him, … Continue reading

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Revising, revising, revising.

Where does it end? That is a tougher question than where does revision  begin. Years ago, I met a woman at a novel writers workshop who wrote the most eloquent prose. … Continue reading

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Decisions, Books, Neighbors & Horoscopes

“I’m not sure if I ever see myself having kids,” I said. I was sitting on a couch and my leg was crossed over the other under my pale yellow … Continue reading

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The Writing Process Bus Blog Tour

Go Greyhound and Leave the Driving to Us. I used to take the Greyhound Bus every summer from Corpus Christi to Uvalde, Texas to visit my relatives. I loved the … Continue reading

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Toilet Decor, Wow Kisses, Juggling Pins & Falls City Beer

Kicking aside the open cat food cans at his feet, Harold made his way towards the derelict porch. As he moved, he noticed a set of toilets, with cushions on … Continue reading

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Novel, Novel, Quite Contrary…

For months, I’ve been posting excerpts of my Ivy Street Salon writing workshop student’s pieces (The Revisionistas). Together we work on short stories, novels, personal essays and various and sundry … Continue reading

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Drag Queens, Port Wine Stains & Not-So-Under Undercover Cops

I looked at Miss Gilpin’s lovely brown hair and resisted the urge to stroke the perfect flip grazing her shoulders, to bury my head on her shoulder and finger the … Continue reading

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Caprese, Footballs, Guilt & Telephone Calls

When I woke up at Joel’s apartment, there was only a table lamp throwing a puddle of low golden light near the sofa I was on. I knew instantly where … Continue reading

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