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James Albert

Me-23-23-2013Born in Lakewood, Ohio of a New York City couple on their migration west, and raised with his five siblings among the dairy fields and horse ranches of Tucson, Arizona. With his mother an RN, and father a “Special Agent” for the FBI, hand washing and investigations as to who wanted dessert were frequent activities in the Albert household. James has a penchant for the inane, the insane and the hilarious which is why he excels as a divorce lawyer in San Diego County.  He is writing his first – and if he doesn’t soon finish – last novel set in the wilds of San Joaquin County, California, featuring hapless first year associates, evil senior partners, outrageous clients, skin infections, American football and an unusually busy suicide prevention hotline. James’ literary works–fiction and non-fiction alike–are published regularly by the Superior Court of California.

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