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Tudy Woolfe

GrannyTudy Woolfe is a woman of dependent means and undetermined age, with a split personality attributable to being New York-born and South Carolina-raised. She served time writing and editing ad copy and promotional blurbs for an international horse race and a California rodeo company. Plays include Mustangs, Ransburg, The Taking of Savannah and a one-woman show for the voice of Bart Simpson. She wasted a great deal of time in LA writing screenplays for which she got a fancy agent, one minor award, a few paychecks, and a boatload of options. All of which happily precluded getting a real job. Her greatest artistic achievements are two great sons and two amazing grandchildren for whom she modestly takes all credit. None of the above, however, prepared her for writing a novel and the accompanying angst. Currently, she lives with two alarmingly smart Jack Russell terriers and a husband who demands that she write under her maiden name.

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